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My Philosophy of skincare

The products you use for your skincare should contain natural, edible or medicinal ingredients. Your skin is a permeable barrier and absorbs oil and water based ingredients. In better words, your skin eats what you place upon it. Everything you place upon your skin can be absorbed by the pores into your body and may affect your barrier and health.

It is my mission to create skincare products whole and natural from the earth to nourish your skin; and even more protect and balance your melanin production for enhanced beauty. The average skincare book or spa rarely mentions the functions of a melanocyte (melanin producing cell). Why? Most professionals see it as a threat for hyperpigmentation or worst--cancer.

Royal Nubian Skincare sees the precious melanocyte cell as a vital function in the skin. The melanin it produces whether light or dark has a job to protect the skin. This job can become compromised by over exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals resulting in skin conditions such as the ones stated. I formulate products to protect & balance melanin; not suppress it. My products can give you the results of healthy smooth glowing skin!*

Organic beauty products are available from many sources. But the best quality products are those created by a natural alchemist trained in skin functions, like at Royal Nubian Skincare. Experience the difference by using the superior products I personally use everyday. I shall always create products that are free of chemical preservatives, fillers, possible carcinogens, and irritants. Consultations can recommend just the right products to meet your beauty needs.​

~Jahnel Profit, LE

Holistic Skincare Therapist & Herbalist

*results may vary depending on time of use and other factors.

100% natural & Organic Food based & Herbal skincare for anti aging, acne, dermatitis, & Sensitive Skin

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